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Republic of China Military Academy
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (Exchange Program) (Outgoing Program)
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Program Terms: Fall
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Minimum GPA: 2.5 Recommended Program: Yes
Program Description:
Program Description:
Republic of China Military Academy

The University was formed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1914, Wampoa in Guangzhou Province. With the purpose of training officers for the National Revolutionary Army, Dr. Sun Yat-sen then issued a series of exhortations, quite akin to Norwich University’s mission statement “ The Three Principles of the People is the doctrine of our Party, We will establish a republic, promote unity, and gather worthy individuals to serve as the vanguard of the People. We will work diligently day and night in obedience to the tenets of our doctrine, We vow to be brave and hard-working, we shall be loyal trustworthy, of one heart and one mind from the beginning to the end of our undertaking”
During the early years of the Academy, many students had to fight as well as study, due to the shifting wartime activities of the battles between the Nationalist forces and the Communist and later on due to the Japanese invasions, this ultimately led to the Academy being moved three times from Nanjing in 1928, to Chengdu in 1937 and then  to Fengshan in Taiwan where in resides today , to suit the needs of today’s Taiwanese Army, the Academy has seen much revision and redesign to create the modern ROCMA.
Fengshan is the highest farm village in Taiwan, surrounded by mountains. The geographic location makes the village isolated from the pollution of the civilization. Fengshan is like an agricultural museum because the agricultural tools and equipment are everywhere in this village. Due to the rise of Alishan tourism, many people also want to visit this agricultural village.

The buildings here were built in traditional local materials such as rocks, bamboo, and soil; it has well represented the natural ambiance. The local villagers are very kind and full of passion; you can often see them smile at people. Fengshan’s agriculture industry is mostly based on bamboo shoot, tea leaf, fruits, and other vegetables. Besides the village, Fengshan is well-known by Fengshan’s 10 scenic spots. One of the most popular landscapes is the Jiaolong Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Taiwan of 800 meters high.
35% of students are graduates from Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School, est. 1976
There are 9 Academic departments, foreign language, Management Courses, Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Political Science Information Management, examples of general courses offered include, but are not limited to: Principles of Philosophy, Art of War, Chinese, World History and Art History
All classes are small in size, to enable personal one on one teacher student interaction to better facilitate school learning, furthermore, all classes feature multimedia teaching aids to further encourage and develop student learning.

Eligibility and Application Requirements
1.    Be a Norwich University student (Corps of Cadets or Civilian and a U.S. citizen) with a distinguished GPA, high PT score, and obtain the recommendation of the Commandant/Dean of Students Office.
2.    Study Chinese at Norwich University (minimum: one course each semester) and pursue at minimum a minor in Chinese with an overall average of at least "B."
3.    Attain a minimum proficiency level of "B" in written work at the 300-level.
4.    Demonstrate oral and aural proficiency in Chinese, in Chinese classes taught at Norwich and in interview sessions with Norwich professors of Chinese sufficient to pursue study of course matter when taught entirely in Chinese.
5.    Obtain a positive letter of recommendation from the chair of the Department of Modern Languages and the student’s professor(s) of Chinese.
6.    Demonstrate an appreciation for the study of other cultures.
7.    Play an active role in the Norwich University Chinese Club.
8.    Complete at minimum a 3-credit immersion program of study in Chinese the summer or winter prior to the semester of the anticipated exchange at ROCMA.
9.    Be willing to share his/her experience with other members of the Norwich University community upon return from the exchange experience by continuing the study of Chinese in classes with other students and by participating in Chinese Club and open house activities.

Programs Offered
Students studying at ROCMA must have Advanced-level Mandarin Chinese language proficiency.

Life Style
Since this is a military institute, the lifestyle of a cadet will mirror of a military office, consisting of formations, military and leadership trainings as well as physical and military exercises
But along with the military lifestyle, there are activities to keep the students entertained, such as the Christmas Ball, various Student Clubs and athletics; furthermore there is a strong International Student Exchange Program that brings the cadets in constant contact with students from around the globe
Athletics include but are not limited to; rugby, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, rugby, gymnastic and taekwondo and Judo teams. The rugby team is considered to be the Sport of the Taiwanese Army and the ROCMA team has won 31 championships and 15 of them consecutively.

Students live in barracks-style housing.

Breakdown of typical costs (These costs are only estimates and are subject to change.)
Budget Item  
Educational/Program Fee $17,062.00
Room and Board $6,242.00
Other Fees $984.00
Health Insurance $2,045.00
Study Abroad Fee $750.00
Billable Subtotal $27,083.00
Estimated Airfare $2,000.00
Estimated Passport Fee $150.00
Estimated Visa Fee $500.00
Estimated Books & Supplies $350.00
Estimated Local Transportation $1,000.00
Estimated Meals Not Covered Above $500.00
Non- Billable Subtotal $4,500.00
Estimated Total Cost $31,583.00

If you are interested in learning more about how to fund an education abroad program, you can find out more information here.


Helpful Links

ROCMA Website
ROCMA Facebook

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Dates / Deadlines:
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Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall 2019 03/01/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.
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